Regrettably, the planned flu shot clinic for Saturday October 31, 2020, has been cancelled. In preparation for this clinic, and based on the experience of the last few Saturday clinics, we placed an order for 1500 shots with Public Health. This request has been declined, and we have been provided only 200 doses.

Our team administered over 750 doses in about 90 minutes on October 24, and 550 doses on October 17. These clinics were very busy but we feel we established an effective protocol to move patients through quickly. Supply was, and continues to be, the major impediment at this time. Unfortunately, this is completely out of our control.

Public Health has not given any confirmation of future flu shot supply, if any. They have suggested mass flu shot clinics be delayed until mid to late November, but this is simply not feasible for outdoor clinics. At the same time, recommendations remain that large scale indoor gatherings be avoided.

We have requested further supply and will re-evaluate the possibility of a clinic being added on Saturday November 7, weather and supply permitting. A further email will be sent next week to confirm plans either way.

At this time, we are not planning and will not be able to offer an indoor, large scale, flu shot clinic. Patients who have not yet received their annual flu shot are advised to contact their pharmacy to enquire about availability. All adults and children aged 5 and over can be vaccinated at a pharmacy. If you have children under the age of 5, please contact the office and we will schedule an appointment for them to receive their immunization.

We are not able to offer booked appointments for flu shots for adults or children over the age of 5 as we do not have adequate supply or staff availability.

We share your frustration and disappointment with this situation.

For emergency cases Please call 911

Please Do NOT come to the office
if you have any cough or fever.
Phone us First!!
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