Thank you to everyone who visited our drive-thru flu shot clinic this past Saturday. This was our first ever drive-thru clinic and a learning experience for our team, who worked very hard to keep this running smoothly, and delivered over 500 flu shots in a little over an hour.

We realize for some, this was a frustrating experience. Wait times were longer than ideal as we had a large surge at 9AM, and we were provided with a much smaller supply than anticipated from Public Health. While flu shot distribution is outside of our control, we are working with Public Health to secure more vaccination allotment for the coming weeks. Our clinic flu shot hours have changed; flu shots will be offered between 9:00am-12:00 pm on Oct 24th and 31st. (Hours of the clinic will be subject to availability.)

We are trying our best to immunize as many patients as possible in a short window to ensure early immunity for the coming season. Many local pharmacies are also offering immunization for the community. Please do not feel obligated to have your flu shot at our clinic as we recognize it might be inconvenient for some.

We have also modified our internal procedures for next week to increase the number of lines running.  To improve the efficiency of our flu shot clinics, if possible, please visit our website and complete and print your consent before you arrive.

We thank you all for your continued patience and understanding. Stay safe.

Please click on the link to print and complete the consent form before your arrival. (pdf) (image)

For emergency cases Please call 911

Please Do NOT come to the office
if you have any cough or fever.
Phone us First!!
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