Please note that this is not a community flu shot program.

Flu Shot Clinic Protocol

In follow up from our recent email, we have confirmed our Flu Shot Clinic plans for this coming flu season. Due to restrictions related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will be running our clinic this year in an outdoor setting. This will allow us to ensure timely vaccination of a large number of individuals, while limiting potential for exposure and adhering to Public Health and Government of Ontario restrictions around gathering sizes for indoor spaces.

Our clinics will run for 3 consecutive Saturdays: October 17, 24 and 31. Clinics will start at 9AM and run until 4PM. Appointments will not be required for these clinics and flu shot vaccines will be subject to availability.

As vaccinations will be performed in your vehicle, we are asking patients to please prepare for their visit as follows;

  1. When you arrive, you will be greeted in your vehicle and directed to a numbered parking spot
  2. We ask that you remain in your vehicle unless directed otherwise
  3. Please bring your Health Card and wear a short sleeved shirt and a mask in your vehicle
  4. A consent form will need to be completed for each individual prior to receiving their immunization – a parent/guardian can complete the consent for children under the age of 16. If possible, please bring a pen with you or download the consent form and complete at home ahead of time. The consent can be downloaded from our website
  5.  Completed consent forms must include your name and health card number; this will be kept secure as a confidential document, and will be scanned into your electronic medical record after your visit
  6. You will be asked to remain for 5 minutes after vaccination to ensure no complications; our team members will check on you prior to you driving away, but if you require immediate attention at any time, please activate your vehicle’s horn
  7. Please plan to attend only during clinic times – do not arrive before clinic hours as we will be setting up the parking lot area and we do not wish to disrupt traffic on Harvester Road
  8. Please DO NOT attend the clinic if you are unwell – if you have a fever or active respiratory symptoms, we recommend deferring vaccination until you are well

A few additional notes for specific populations

  1. If you are attending with young children, we will have a team inside the clinic and our attendants will direct you into the clinic one family at a time. For safety purposes, we will not be vaccinating children in vehicles. Families may come in together to be vaccinated, but we ask all children over age 2 to wear a mask if they are able to do so
  2. While the clinic is targeting primarily Caroline Family Health Team patients, if you are attending with a family member who is not a patient with one of our physicians, we would be happy to vaccinate them at the same time, as long as they bring their health card

As a final note, we will NOT be offering the high dose flu serum at any of our flu shot clinics. We received only a very small allotment of high dose shots and have not been able to confirm that we will receive any additional doses from Public Health. While the recommendation is that this be considered for all individuals over age 65, it is unlikely that sufficient doses will be made available. Pharmacies have also been provided with a limited supply, so you may wish to check with your usual pharmacy to see if they are able to provide this to you.

Of note, high dose flu serum is designed to produce a stronger immune response in older adults, but also protects against fewer flu strains than the standard flu shot. Given the limited availability, we encourage seniors to consider vaccination with standard flu serum as opposed to waiting to see if more high dose shots become available at a later date, as this may leave you at risk of being unable to receive any vaccination or having inadequate immunity prior to the onset of flu season.

Please note that we will only be offering the flu shot at our Saturday clinics.

While we understand our flu shot clinic this year will represent a different experience than usual, we hope that this ensures that a large number of our patients will have access to immunization in the safest possible manner.

We appreciate your understanding during these difficult times.

The Physicians and Staff at the Caroline Family Health Team

Please click on the link to print and complete the consent form. (pdf) (image)

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