The Children’s Mental Health Program provides support to children and families where a mental health need has been identified.  Assessment and interventions are provided by a specialized social worker, a clinical pharmacist, with leadership provided by a FHT physician with expert knowledge in mental health and consultation provided by a sessional child psychiatrist.

Program objectives include:

  • To assess the mental health status and support needs of all child patients and families referred to the program by a C-FHT physician or interdisciplinary team member
  • To establish an appropriate plan of care for child patients and families registered to the program
  • To collaborate, when appropriate, with key people of influence in the lives of children (including schools, Ontario Early Years Centres, Children’s Aid Society and specialty service providers)
  • To promote consideration of children’s mental health needs as a vital component of health assessment at the C-FHT

The Children’s Mental Health Program provides the following services to patients within The Caroline Family Health Team of Burlington:

  • Clinical assessment of childhood mental health including, but not limited to, structured assessment of childhood behavioural concerns as informed by CADDRA guidelines;
  • Treatment including talk therapy and pharmacotherapy
  • Psychoeducational support for child and family
  • Referral to community services

Caroline Families First Program:

  • After extensive planning and collaboration, and with funding from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Child and Youth Services The Caroline Family Health Team of Burlington has partnered with ROCK, community Paediatricians, PCMH (Parents for Children’s Mental Health), and WRAP Canada to develop this new program.
  • This new model of care is for children (2-21 years of age) and families who are struggling with multiple, complex and ongoing challenges. At its simplest, the Caroline Families First program is a family driven, team based planning process that develops individualized plan that uses the strengths of the family and their team members to develop strategies that the whole team takes on.
  • A few of the outcomes will be: improved functioning in the home, increased community and natural supports, decreased stress for the child and family and increased communication regarding the child’s needs.