March 23, 2017

Dear Caroline Family Health Team!

We began our patient relationship with the Caroline Medical Group in the 1980’s and
have continued that relationship when the Caroline Family Health Team was formed and
moved to the new location on Harvester Road.

The new facility was and remains a breath of fresh air, a welcoming “green” environment,
with a well-staffed reception, and comfortable waiting area.

But the world of a family health care team comes alive; when you pass through the doors
to see the nurse or your doctor. The efficiency and medical expertise of all parties are
complemented by the compassion for the patient in resolving the issue at hand.

Our recent visits have made us privy to the “lecture” videos on the monitors in the
reception areas. What a great tool! To educate oneself on a variety of health topics and it’s
FREE! What is even more remarkable is the videos were actually produced by Toronto
doctors. We sometimes get interrupted to see the doctor and miss the valuable teaching

THANK YOU for another added benefit of being a patient of the Caroline Family Health
Team. We are grateful to be part of such an organization and grateful to each member of
your important team.


The Ilijanich Family

For emergency cases Please call 911

Please Do NOT come to the office
if you have any cough or fever.
Phone us First!!
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